I'm a bit stressed out... The products in my Etsy shop (and some of my stuff in other
   shops) sell so well that I can't keep up with making new things! (Don't get me wrong,
   I'm not complaning about the fact that people like and buy my work, thank you
   thank you thank you! But days go by so quickly without me finding the time to work
   on new stuff) Maybe I should split me in two and hire myself (if only... ;)

   This vintage letterbox was a gift from a friend who makes wonderful music!


  1. Ah don't get stressed, I'm prepared to wait for my order, no rush;)

  2. first thanks so much for your lovley words...;)...and i will add a link to your blog, your work so much...just wonderful...and keep calm, you will do everything good...for sure...a big hug...cheers...i...

  3. You make really lovely and wonderful things! I'm glad I found you on Sodapop's blog :-)

    Greetings from Munich


  4. ah you are doing amazing things! don't get too stressed this is a wonderful problem to have. set realistic deadlines, take many deep breaths and remember to be kind to yourself x

  5. Thanks everyone for being so lovely and supportive! And Lisa, your order is on it's way!

  6. Good to hear that your products sell so well! But take your time, we don't want a stressed out Kim who doesn't make anything at all :)

  7. wow that is such a cool gift!
    where did they find it?

  8. @Angie: I don't know where he bought it...But probably at some cute little vintage shop. :)


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