Rob Ryan - Book


   Yesterday my a new book arrived: 'You can still do a lot with a small brain' about
   the work of Rob Ryan. Although in the beginning I was nog particularly blown
   away by the lay out design, I'm very excited about Ryan's work and the peek into
   his studio and way of working.

   About the christmas cards, thank you all so much for your helpful comments!
   After ready every comment it suddenly struck me: I'm not happy with either of
   them! The why was well pointed out by jamie says dream (thanks!)...I want it not
   to be traditional looking but somehow it is, and that's not what I'm looking for...
   I'll start over... :-)


  1. Rob Ryan maakt fantastisch werk! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je kaarten nu gaan uitpakken...

  2. Leuk, ik heb ook een ander boek van hem! MOOOOOOI!!!


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