Yesterday was the official opening of the Spring! Exhibition with Princess Maxima.
   We had a little chat about my work and yes, I was very nervous ;-). She was very
   lovely though and said my Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes would make great gifts
   (and that my style was so sweet)! The exhibiton was beautifully designed and I feel
   so very honoured to be part of it. The wall at the back is designed by Nike and I love
   how beautiful and stylish it looks. Also great thanks to Designer Marjolein van
   Puffelen of Nike (in the first picture on the left) to invite me to join her in this
   exhibition as a 'young talent'!

   There's also a little video on YouTube here about the princess' visite to the DDW
   (and check me out at 2:34 minutes!).

  One more thing I feel proud about: my house and work is featured on Bloesem!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting it must be! I'm totaly in love with your Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes, such a great idea. Took a tour in your house at Bloesem yesterday :-)

  2. Wauw, en je hebt nog een foto als bewijs zelfs!! Te gek! Monique (Prentje ) en ik komen zaterdag naar de DDW, misschien tot dan! ps. leuk op Bloesem, u wordt beroemd!

  3. Ben gewoon een beetje trots op je ;-)

  4. Zo, dat zijn twee héle gave dingen zeg! :) Gefeliciteerd!

  5. Beetje trots? Supertrots! Vast meer verhalen vrijdag..!

  6. Hee! Ik kwam je ontwerp tegen in het Designhuis en ik was helemaal verliefd op je kleine pocket boxes. Ik wou je dat even vertellen, plus dat ik ze op mijn blog heb genoemd.. :)


  7. Congratulations!! I have been checking your work for a while now, I so love your piggy plates, it is the next thing on my to-get-list!

  8. Gefeliciteerd! Ziet er ook prachtig uit :)

  9. Congrats! I totally agree with the Princess!


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