Paint with Sue

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   This title sounds like a Bob Ross episode but is nothing like that (promise).
   My lovely friend Sue Doeksen came over for dinner, painting and advice. (I don't
   know why she needs mine cause she's a very talented illustrator and teacher who's
   doing very well is both professions on her own but it's nice to exchanges some
   experiences.) Anyway, after dinner she had some painting and sketching to do and
   I happily joined in. Where Sue's work is about big shapes, mine is more pattern
   and fine drawings. We painted with black ink which is my all time favorite
   material that I keep going back to. Sue also brought the 'beautiful monster book'
   with printed paper cuttings by Jad Fair, very inspiring!

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  1. Those monsters are beautiful indeed! You inspire me to pick up my painting again. It has been way too long. Thank you!


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