Project I... check!


I finished the decoration project at the Woonbeurs yesterday! Three rooms in which you can photograph yourself, two of them in the pics above (including my own fave super model, M ;-)) To see all three rooms and take your own photos, come and visite the Woonbeurs from 25-30 september in Amsterdam!


  1. Love it! Doet me denken aan het decor dat Sieb Posthuma maakte voor het ballet Coppelia.

  2. Oh, it looks so fun and lovely!
    I hope you have fun at the Woonbeurs. I would love to go, but it doesn't really fit into me schedule these days. Please take a lot of photos so the rest of us can get a glimpse of the experience. :-)

  3. Ik had er al over gelezen en zie nu dat het gewoon jouw werk is! Echt heel cool, ik houd van deze stijl! Tot volgende week!

  4. What a lovely project! Such a nice idea!


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