Hello Etsy Eindhoven


Last saturday I was at Hello Etsy in Eindhoven in the workplace of Piet Hein Eek. I met Janine Vangool (the publisher of Uppercase Magazine). I think you can see in the picture how much I adore her for making such a beautiful magazine... ;-). You can meet with her in Amsterdam today at the American Book Center at the Spui from 17.00-19.00! And, you can still watch the inspiring speach she gave at Hello Etsy online here.

I was also in the successful shop panel with the lovely couple of Snowpuppe and Mitsy from Artmind. Simone Weimans interviewed us about our shops and work. You can watch the video here...


  1. Dank je wel voor de tip dat Janine hier was - ik ben net even langsgegaan; heel leuk om haar te ontmoeten! Ik ga de HelloEtsy videos binnenkort bekijken, ben heel benieuwd wat jullie allemaal verteld hebben.

  2. I had such a great time at Hello Etsy as well, and I am sorry we didn't cross paths! I just checked out your shop and LOVE your work!!

  3. Ik vind je kleding zo leuk!
    Zelf gemaakt?

    1. Nee, was dat maar waar! ;-) Ik heb het vest gekocht bij Flip*Flop in Amsterdam (Hartenstraat 4), ze hebben er ook hele mooie schoenen.

  4. I had this type of great time at Hi Etsy too, and I am i am sorry we failed to mix paths! I simply checked out the look and Enjoy your hard work!!

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