Green for the mind


I read the other day that nature calms your mind and makes you feel balanced, even when looking at it on a computer screen. So to calm and balance your mind, I'd like to present... the greens that grow enthusiastically in our home!

I really enjoy how spring in announcing itself by the first shy flower buds unfolding, little sprouts popping their heads above the soil and new leafs unwrapping. I'm already excited to start a new round in my veggie garden. Especially because I have this great book to assist me.

By the way, the second picture shows this plant 7 months after sowing.

Now that I'm writing this, a though crossed my mind... Wouldn't it be nice to trade some green?
If you have some spare seeds (or even a little plant, to trade if you live in my neighborhood or are in one of my courses) it would be fun to trade it with you for a little present with a 'green theme' from my hand!

I did buy some seeds the other day (cherry tomato, regular tomato, parsnip, round courgette, paprika, peas, pumpking, rocket salade, spinach and shallots) but would love to have more variation!
If you have seeds you'd like to trade (even if you live outside the Netherlands) for a 'surprise green pressie' please email me.

Update: I received so many lovely seeds and gifts from all over the world, thanks to everyone who joined in on my 'green swap', it made y day(s)!  The swap is now closed.


  1. Kim - you should join in my blog series Nature in the Home - it celebrates all things planty!! x

  2. Kim you are kind!!! Thank you xxx

  3. Hoi Kim,

    Je zou eens naar de zaadhandel Vreeken hier in Dordrecht moeten komen, het aanbod is daar zo enorm, en de winkel zo grappig oud en stampvol! Ik heb niet veel zaden in de aanbieding, alleen van echina zonnehoed ( bewerkelijk proces, zaaien, weken koelen, dan weer warm zetten, wel interessant dus!), zaad van mijn eigen stokrozen, van de basilicum die ik je eens gaf. Liefs

  4. Er zijn pilea stekjes naar me onderweg (per post!) dus als ze wat gegroeit zijn en gaan spruiten kan ik weer wat stekjes de wereld in sturen :). Ik ben sinds kort helemaal plant fanaat, ik was het altijd wel een beetje maar nu sla ik er bijna in door ;).

  5. Hoi Kim,
    Wat ontzettend leuk om wat zaadjes naar je toe te kunnen sturen! Zo zonde om de zaadjes die ik heb liggen niet te kunnen gebruiken bij het gebrek aan groene vingers. Ik wens je er alvast heel veel plezier mee, ze komen naar je toe.
    groetjes Evelyn

  6. Wat mooi al dat groen! Geniet ervan!

  7. i like having plants in my space too!
    the pots in third picture are lovely!
    and what a great idea the seeds exchange!
    i will search what i have and mail you!

  8. Thanks! I found the seagreen pott in the trash, can you imagine!?


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