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Another free friday question! Patricia asked:

How frequently do you contact the shops where you have pieces (in consignation*). Do they contact you every month to tell you what you sold or do you contact them? Also do you write an email or do you contact them by phone?

This all depends on the shop!
Some shops are very accurate with their bookkeeping (these are my fave!) and will inform your every month by email on what they sold and where you can send the invoice.

With others you'll have to ask yourself. In this case I would only contact them every three months, by email. Ask them if you have sold any of your goodies and if they will email you a list of the sold items. Also ask if there is anything they need to restock and if they noticed what sold very good and what didn't. 
By this information you know which products you should produce more and what you should drop.

A few more tips:

Be sure to keep a clear list of what you have send and when to every shop. With this you can check what's sold and know what's still left in every shop.

After 6 months, check what's still left (if there is any) in the shop. Ask the shop owner if they would like to keep it a bit longer or if they want to send it back to you. This also can be done by email.

Talk to the shop owner about what they would love for their shop, what are their idea's and what's missing? Maybe you can make and sell it, it might be the cherry on their shop's pie!

* having your products in consignation means that a shop does not buy your products in wholesale but is just selling your items for you. You get a percentage of the selling price for every item sold (normally between 50% and 70% is for you).

In the picture: the entrance of Shop Trunk/BonbonBoutique in Amsterdam

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