Thank you so much!!


I'd like to say a very big thanks to everyone who participated in the green-seeds-swap: THANK YOU!
So many lovely packages arrived the past two weeks from all over the world, it made me smile big time. Some of the seeds have already been put in the ground, others will wait till warmer days.
This has been a great start of spring!

I'd like to dedicate some extra lines to Judith, who made the amazing seeds-booklet in the first picture. It was a absolute delight to receive such a well made gift! Also big thanks to:

-Patricia who gave me some magic fertilizer liquid to give all plants a boost.
-Joanne who send me a diversion of interesting seeds from California.
-Evdokia for her lovely package from Greece
-Evelyn for (among others) the pretty borage
-Annemiek, who gave me almost more seeds than I can plant!
-Mirjam (the aardbeimelde is already popping it's first leafs above the ground!)
-and to everyone else who has joined me in my veggie-madness ;-)

You have made my (gardening) day(s)!


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