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I'm not sure if it's always visible but when designing my products, eco- and human-friendly is getting higher and higher on my list. This applies to where I have my paper goods printed, the materials I use, the clients I work for and even the food I eat while creating.

Happily I'm not the only one. Eco friendly is becoming more of a 'natural state' for companies, shops and people. A few lovely examples:

+ Strawberry Earth ('don't just buy green, buy awesome') +
Share products made in a good way, by happy people and with care for the environment. They also support initiatives that make the world a bit nicer, good causes that rock!
They offer some pretty good eco deals every week too, from beauty arrangements to fancy products.
I'd like to add here that I've been working with the people from Strawberry Earth on several projects now and they are just as lovely as their message!

A webshop with a green lifestyle. Don't expect boring stuff here, it's all just as designer worthy as eco friendly! Owner Nicole has successfully put together a lovely collection of home decoration, paper goods and accessories.

Two Canada based designers (John and Arounna) who make very pretty bags, totes, home ware, wood- and paper products. Most of the fabrics are 100% eco and handprinted by Arounna.
I bought my favorite bag here (even the strap is made of recycled leather) two years ago and I'm using it almost every day (and it's still almost looking like new).

An eco-friendly DIY store for your big and small projects in and around the house. From paint to wallpaper and isolation material to solar panels. Everything you can buy at a 'regular' DIY store, you can buy here eco friendly! And quite important: the prices are friendly too!

The illustration was made by me for ASN Bank (commission via Strawberry Earth).


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