Queensday / coronation day


Have you enjoyed our Queensday yesterday (if you are dutch or visited the Netherlands)?
I had, I must admit, the most boring (in a good way) Queensday ever, even though it was coronation day as well!
We stayed in Ilpendam and just watched TV, did some chores around the house and overall had a lazy day. Sometimes boring can be so relaxing (but... next year I think I'll go to Amsterdam or Utrecht again).

The first picture shows some smart artwork made by a five year old, I bought on a Queensday market a few years ago.


  1. very nice pieces of art by a five year old!
    i would buy them too! :)
    pretty flowers too.
    i like the architecture of the houses!

    1. The houses are typical for North Holland (especially the area I live: Beemster/ Zaanstreek). I love them too!


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