Free friday - DIY dress tutorial


Hurray it's summer! What better way to celebrate than with a free DIY summer dress tutorial? It took me only one morning to make and the dress is suitable for the pregnant AND non-pregnant among you (no belly-discrimination ;-) )!

materials you need:
- 1 m / 1 yard of jersey fabric: I made my dress just below the knee (I'm 1.70 tall), if you want a longer dress, use a longer piece of fabric.
- sewing machine (a lockmachine is easiest for jersey but a normal machine will do as well)
- sewing thread

Choose a simple dress from your closet from about the same material. Put the dress onto the fabric (fabric is double folded) and cut around it, excluding the straps/ sleeves. You now have a rectangular shape.
Also cut from the remaining fabric:
2 straps, both 10 cm wide, 50 cm long
1 ribbon, 2.5 cm wide, 70 cm long
2 ribbons with on one side a triangular cut (see photo 5A), 2,5 cm wide, 8 cm long

Now make the back 10 cm smaller by folding it back (see third photo) and cut the edge about 4 cm lower (making a small arch, this is to make the back a bit lower than the front).

Turn the dress around and determine the middle of the front of the dress. String little pleads on the top front edge from 3 cm from the middle till 5 cm from the side, on both sides of the middle. Fold the front part of the dress vertically through the middle. Sew the side seems together.

Put the two ribbons with triangular cut on top op each other and sew the triangular bits together. Now fold the ribbon horizontally (see photo 5B). Fold it vertically and put it onto the front top part of the dress. Cut along the ribbon (see photo 5C). Now sew the ribbon into the triangular cut and the long ribbon around the top edge of the dress (excluding the pleaded bits, see photo 5D).

5. Sew the short side of the straps onto the pleaded bits (photo 6).

6. Twist the straps a couple of times (I did this 6 times per strap). Adjust them to the back of the dress, each about 5 cm from the side (they will overlap a bit in the middle). You might have to try the dress on at this point to make sure the straps are the right length. Sew the straps onto the back.

7. Wear the dress with a nice belt or ribbon around the waist and you'll be at your summer best!


Lieve Nederlandse lezer:
Ik hoop dat jullie het mij vergeven dat ik geen beschrijving in des land's taal heb bijgevoegd. De blogpost wordt dat wel erg lang en ik ga er even vanuit dat jullie ook met de engelse beschrijving uit de voeten kunnen. Zo niet, laat het me weten, dan zal ik alsnog een Nederlandse uitleg schrijven!


  1. Super leuke jurk! En wat heb je al een mooi buikje!

  2. You are looking good Kim!!

  3. Oh i'm so happy for you!!!! Baby of love!!!!

  4. Looking lovely with your bump! :-)

  5. I think this would be super cute with ruching on the sides. I shall try it. :-)

  6. Ik was via Pinterest op zoek naar een leuke DIY zwangerschapsjurk en kwam deze van jou tegen! Het resultaat zal ik je via facebook sturen :) groetjes rianne

  7. Good Job, I love your idea
    Thanks fro this info.......


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