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Rainy days: perfect to nose about on Pinterest... (when you should be working).
From top to bottom:

-family tree by Maissa Toulet
-DIY block printed sweater by Elisabeth Dunker

-rainbow quilt by Sherri Linn Wood
-carpet located in the Van Huursteeg, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

-photo-illustration by Heike Weber
-illustration by Katt Frank


Regenachtige dagen: perfect om op Pinterest rond te snuffelen... (als je eigenlijk moet werken).
Van boven naar onder:

-stamboom door Maissa Toulet
-DIY block printed sweater door Elisabeth Dunker

-regenboog quilt door Sherri Linn Wood
-kleed/loper in de Van Huursteeg, Apeldoorn

-foto-illustratie door Heike Weber
-illustratie door Katt Frank


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