Jeroen van Leur

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As an addition to my own work (like I'm not busy enough already... ;-) I'm now also assisting product designer Jeroen van Leur. I'm mainly helping him with marketing and the everyday things that come with running a creative business: bookkeeping, talking to clients, advice and selling products.
Which is easy because Jeroen makes the most wonderful inspiring products. It's great to see how a creative from another discipline works and how products are developed (there are some amazing woodworking tools in the studio and cute little miniature furniture models).

In the pictures above a few of the products that are available in Jeroen's webshop. My absolute favorite is the clever Woodstock Wardrobe, a clothes rack that is assembled into a tent poles inspired frame that elegantly leans against your wall.

For more of his work (like candle B-light, a perfect holiday gift), see or the webshop.


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