Lasercut letter design for The Machinery

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I've got a fun (not so little) project on my hands: designing an alphabet for a new lasercut business soon to open it's doors.

Nine letters I've made so far, among them the C and Q. Every letter has an animal and/or nature theme and together they should make eye catching banners and decorations. They will be lasercutted out of wood or paper (depending on the customers request).

Now about this new lasercut business: M ( = Marc, my partner in life and crime) is starting The Machinery, a place where you can have your design lasercut online or even come to our engine room and try it yourself!

You might understand I'm very excited about this, soon I'll have my own lasercut service on demand, and you too! We expect to start all this goodness in the beginning of april. Stay tuned for more info later or subscribe to The Machinery newsletter!


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