In the house...


Outside it's on and off: rain, snow, cold or a sudden ray of sunlight. Inside I'm working on sketches of people, reading about modernism and biographies.

How I love to read a good biography. It's so comforting to read about the up's and downs of someone else's life, to find out that it all had a purpose. Those things you thought to be disasters in fact lighted the road to your goals and meaning in life.

While James is playing and Seb is keeping him company, I'm taking pictures of our home, new views, different angles. It's nice to wander and create without purpose now and then (to find out in the end it did bring you somewhere you never expected, but that's still to be discovered...).

ps. I'm a bit worried about our delicate House Lime (Sparrmannia Africana or Kamerlinde in Dutch). He seems to been fine at the top but all leafs from the root up are starting to fall off. Anyone any tips?


  1. Hoi Kim
    Ik las eens dat de kamerlinde meestal niet meer dan twee jaar 'leeft'... Jammer want ze zijn mooi hè?

    1. Nee toch!? Ik ken iemand die er twee heeft in de huiskamer op boom-formaat. Volgens mij heeft zij ze al jaren. Maar ja, ze zijn wel teer. Misschien moet ik die van mij eens verwennen wat wat nieuwe potgrond om z'n voetjes...


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