La Maison Victor

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Yesterday I was browsing through the Bruna (Dutch magazine and bookshop) and found La Maison Victor. A (belgian) sewing and knitting magazine with a modern and inspiring lay out and styling and, most important: great modern (not too complicated) sewing patterns!! Finally a magazine that designs clothes I really do want to wear without altering.

And it gets better... it contains not only clothes patterns (and knitting patterns) for me but also for kids and husbands (or boyfriends in my case). I instantly rushed to A.Boeken, my fave sewing supplies shop in Amsterdam and choose a cosy warm fabric to make a jacket for James.

More so, I am so enthusiastic about this mag that I even subscribed to it. The first copy to arrive at my doormat will be by the end of april, hurray!

More info about La Maison Victor can be found at Happy sewing to everyone!


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