The little chicken

Our son's daycare announched last week that they will celebrate carnaval (dutch dress up party, mainy celebrated in the south of The Netherlands) the following thursday and all children were expected to show up in costume.

My head instantly started to produce costume ideas, one after the other (so much fun!). Not all were doable within a week though and I turned to our attic to look for material to use. When I hit an old stork handpuppet I knew what to make... A little chicken costume! 

I turned to my sewing machine and transformed a white onesie, red tights and of course the stork, into a comfortable costume for our little one.

Cluck cluck cluck!


  1. Ohhhh wat een super leuk kostuum zeg!

  2. Dankjulliewel Pieke en Alet! Ik had ook heel veel plezier bij het maken :-)

  3. Ah wat gaaf zeg, leuk idee voor volgend jaar carnaval ;)

    1. Thanks! Eigenlijk ben ik niet zo van het carnaval maar met kindercostuums wordt het toch wel verleidelijk! ;-)


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