Custom Comfort Boxes for a dutch magazine...


The comfort boxes madness wasn't over yet this week... I was asked by a dutch magazine (can't tell the name yet) to make very special custom comfort boxes. Even though I've been making about 400 boxes the last seven days I still enjoy making them so much. Especially when there's a fun theme to follow. These are the sketches and cuttings, I'll show you the results once they're published (about mid-summer).


  1. Oh wauw, Kim! 400?!? Mijn aanbod geldt nog steeds hoor, als je een paar extra handen nodig hebt :-) (mijn vakantie is alleen wel voorbij inmiddels)

  2. Ja, bizar veel he? Superlief dat je het aanbiedt maar ik had mijn vriend en een vriendin die me hielpen. We hebben wel een beetje knip-kramp nu ;-)

  3. Gorgeous, Thank you for your lovely box from Etsy, it went to a good home x Kepp up the fabulous work! ( and I'm doing wonderful thank you for asking xx)

    1. You're welcome Lisa! And I'm happy to hear you're doing well :-)


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