Drawing my son's portrait

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People often expect I draw my loved ones very often, I'm an illustrator, right?
But I must confess I find this difficult. Because I love them so much I feel I cannot do them justice with my drawing, perfection is my struggle. (For the same reason I did not make James' birth announcement card myself but asked illustrator Sue Doeksen).

Now that James is almost 18 months I decided to get over my hesitance and on a free monday night I suddenly felt like giving it a go.

This is the first drawing I ever made of my son and although I still feel it could be better, I am happy with this first attempt.
It captures the dreamy sunny look he can have sometimes and that I love so much.
Although it's not very clear in the drawing his hair color changed from quite dark as a baby to golden blond. My little golden child :-)

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