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I'm a passionate advocate of all things handdrawn, including handdrawn illustrations over computer made. The fear of having a look that's too 'smooth', too much 'computer like' made me choose to always use handmade textures, lines and fills in my work (and then use the computer for assembling only).
My way of working is fun but very time consuming though and sometimes, expecially with clients who present a very very thight deadline, I feel these handmade rules I've set for myself are working against me.

Therefor, I'm carefully and mindfully going a bit towards a somewhat more quick and computer made alterative. I've found an amazing set of photoshop brushes by Kyle T Webster that looks like it might be the perfect compromise between handdrawn (or painted) and computer made. In the above picture some quick scribbles with a few of the brushes but the collection (I bought several in a package) is much bigger.

For more about Kyle Webster's brushes, see this website.


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