Super Bib DIY

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 I don't know about other toddlers but mine can make diner quite a messy ordeal (Oh horror - tomato sauce!). Since he started to hold his own spoon/ fork, bibs always seemed too small...
So, I took matters in my own hands and came up with the mess-proof bib: The Super BiB! Your child will be fully covered so no scrubbing on those hip (but oh so expensive) cute clothes.
Best of all, you can DIY it in about 15 minutes!

I've made my toddler a few and he is covered from shoulders to (about) knees. Because the towel fabric is thick and fluffy, no stains pass through the fabric and it holds shape (I've also tried dishcloths but these proofed too thin).

What you need
+ a kitchen towel
+ bias tape (that stuff with two fold edges) in a contrasting color/ pattern: about 30" / 75 cm
+ scissors
+ sewing thread
+ sewing machine
+ sewing pins

How it's done
fold your kitchen towel in two and cut away a quarter of a circle (about 2.5" x 2.5" / 6 x 6 cm) from the top corner at the folded side.

Now unfold the towel and pin the bias band round the cut half circle (make sure the bias band is evenly spread and you have two ends of the same size sticking out). Sew it in the half circle.
Fold the bias band over and sew the other side.

Make knots in the ends of the bias band and you're done! Now make a few more ;-)

By the way, this super bib also makes a great new-baby-gift (for those happily unaware parents who do not know what has hit them once their child starts with fruitsauce).


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