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It's been a while, but here's a new 'houses of my village edition'. This time not an actual house but our little village shop.

When I moved here three years ago, I seriously had to get used to not having a (big) supermarket nearby. In Utrecht I could forget something and just walk around the corner to the nearest supermarket but here... it takes about 15 minutes by car (I know I know, this must seem peanuts to those of you who live in bigger countries like America or Australia, but to dutch standards, this is far away).

As said though, we do have a cute little town store that stocks all basics and a little bit more. The owner (one of them) is originally from France and that's well represented in the shop. Not only can one find a decent collection of good wines (which I unfortunately cannot enjoy right now) but also a big variation of dried sausages (M is a big fan and consumer), chocolate, cheese and even organic/ eco food and products.
The shop also functions as the postoffice, dry cleaner's,  atm, and information point on everything going on in the village.

In the past three years I've got quite attached to this little store (and it's a one minute walk from my house), and do appreciate it even more than a having a nearby supermarket.


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