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After the big shuffle from a few weeks ago, my new studio/ workspace is finally picture-ready ;-).

I'm now in the smallest room in our home (ok, not really the smallest room, that would be the toilet...), only 7 square meters! I was a bit worried about this: would everything fit in there, would it become a space I would like to work in, would I be able to teach private lessons here, would it be comfortable? Fortunately I can answer a big Yes to all those questions!

Because it's a small space, I decide to make it my personal green-work-oasis with lots of plants and white to give it an airy and spacious feel. The room overlooks our back yard, which adds to the 'green' experience. Overall I'm quite pleased with the result and more so, I am more than happy to have offered up my former studio so we were able to create a more spacious kids room.

Now it's only 3 weekw till my pregnancy leave (except for the etsyshop, this will stay open till about mid august) and I'm happy everything is finished and ready, well on time!


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