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This is such a strange feeling... While there's so much going on the world (the assessment in Nice, the coup d'etat in Turkey and all other terrorist actions) I'm drawing symbols of persecution for a commission...
It makes me a bit uncomfortable to research for things like 'military tank images' in my own safe little studio while all these sad things are happening.

Let's all be kind and helpful to the people around us: neighbors, friends, family, loved ones or strangers in your street to start a humble counter movement to all this violence and hatred!

To start this little movement... I'll give away two instant comfort pocket boxes of a cactus saying 'you look wonderful today. Tell me why and who you'd like to give one (in a comment on this post, FB or instagram) and I'll pick two winners by tuesday july 26.


  1. Hoi Kim,
    wat een leuk idee. Ik heb een collega die wel een comfort box kan gebruiken: haar opa is overleden en het is net uit met haar vriend, waar ze al heel lang mee is. Dus ze kan wel een steuntje in de rug gebruiken. :) Groetjes Marjolein

  2. I would like to give it to my penpal who has been going through a rough time. Thanks for the chance to win.

    abackman66 at


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